Our Story
Provincial Home (USA) was born as a sister company of Hoolnn Furniture in 2016. The company first began production of furniture in 2009 in Ningbo, China. Over the past eight years the business has seen rapid growth with international sales throughout Europe, South American and Australia.

Provincial Home has a vision for reaching North America with high quality furniture. We provide a wide variety of items from dining tables made from American white oak to reclaimed elm cabinets with wood from demolished old houses. We value the materials that we use and have a great selection of reclaimed items that tell a story in history.

Our products are warehoused in the USA. They are crafted from a team comprised of skilled workers who have been in the wooden furniture industry for over 10 years, well trained in woodworking, upholstery and quality control. We believe in our products and know you will too.

We look forward to making Provincial Home part of your home.
Our Name
Provincial Home

Provincial (adj) / prəˈvin(t)SH(ə)l /: of or concerning a province of a country. Synonyms: small town, rural, country

Home (n) / hom /: the place where one lives. Synonyms: house, apartment, bungalow, cottage.

We come from small town roots. From the countryside of China to the mountains of North Carolina, our team is comprised of small town people with big time vision. Our name honors the small towns we come from and represents our belief that with passion big things can sprout from anywhere. The collections in this catalog are named after small towns across America that are meaningful to us.